Whispir Pricing

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Startup API

$0 (PAYG)

Give one of your apps a voice with a single communications use case.

  • No minimum spend
  • No set up costs


  • 1 API User
  • Online documentation & training
  • API: 5 requests/sec
  • API apps: 1 app max
  • Voice out
  • Basic support

Business API

$250 /MO

Communicate to your users from a suite of apps with up to five communications use cases.

  • $250 /MO
  • $250 messages included
  • No set up costs


  • 1 API User
  • Online documentation & training
  • API: 10 requests/sec
  • API apps: 5 apps max
  • Voice out
  • Basic support


  • Add standard support $295 per month
Enterprise API

$995 /MO

Integrated communications capability for your business with Whispir's Enterprise API.

  • $995 /MO
  • $995 messages included
  • No set up costs


  • 1 API User
  • Online documentation & training
  • API: 30 requests/sec
  • API apps: 10 app max
  • Voice out
  • Basic support
  • SMPP, SOAP, HTTP, & Email APIs avail


  • Add premium support $495 per month

Sending large volumes of Voice or SMS messages?

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International Messaging Rates

Where are you sending your messages?

Voice Calls

Minimum USD per minute

Voice tier pricing

Tier Price per minute
Tier 1 (More than 90 locations including Australia, NZ, UK) $0.20
Tier 2 $0.30
Tier 3 $0.40
Tier 4 $0.50
Tier 5 $0.60
Tier 6 $0.70
Tier 7 $0.80
Tier 8 $1.30
Tier 9 $2.10
Tier 10 $10.25


Minimum USD per SMS (160 characters)

SMS tier pricing

Tier Price per SMS
Tier 1 $0.033
Tier 2 $0.044
Tier 3 $0.055
Tier 4 $0.066
Tier 5 $0.077
Tier 6 $0.088
Tier 7 $0.099
Tier 8 $0.132
Tier 9 $0.165

Whispir's suite of API products also includes:

Whispir REST API

Whispir's REST API provides a simple and effective means to allow applications to leverage the advanced communications capabilities of the Whispir Platform.

It’s a feature rich, standards based API that can be utilised by application developers to incorporate a scalable, highly available, cross-channel messaging capability into custom applications. Be up and running within minutes.

Whispir's REST API has been designed to provide application developers the ability to embed any feature of the Whispir Platform into any cloud-based web application.

The API aims to extend the capability of custom applications by providing two-way messaging over multiple channels simultaneously, including SMS, email, voice, web, RSS, social media publishing, and rich messaging.

Some key REST API features include:

  • Simplified cross-channel message delivery
  • Capability to build interactive two-way applications, with pre-defined response options
  • Support for branded messages using templates, simplifying development and design
  • Group messaging and escalation with distribution lists using contact information securely stored in the cloud
  • Effective management and traceability of your communications through historical auditing and real-time reporting
  • Easy integration of billing, auditing and reporting interfaces into your current system

Contact API

The Whispir Contact API Module allows you to upload a file of data containing recipient information i.e. staff information, customer details, etc. from a system of truth (A/D, SAP, SQL Database, etc.), and have this information imported into the Whispir Platform, for the purpose of communicating with recipients.

The Contact API can be automated and customised, and is built to ensure a correct reflection of the source system.

When data in the source system changes, this is reflected in the Whispir Platform ensuring the recipients messaging details are correct and up to date.


The Whispir Platform is a feature rich application environment that allows operators to send, track, and report on cross-channel communications.

The HTTP API provides a simple and effective tool that allows IT systems and applications to leverage Whispir’s advanced messaging capabilities to:

  • Send cross-channel Messages using Email, SMS and Voice
  • Dynamically generated content using Templates
  • Group messaging using Distribution Lists
  • Escalation between message recipients in a Distribution List

The Whispir HTTP API supports multi-channel messages that can route to almost any device with escalation, and are accompanied by pre-defined choices that initiate actions or resolve problems. It also supports complete historical auditing and real-time reports. By utilising the API, developers shall be able to quickly and easily add value to a customer's application, while system administrators will find it’s central management and reporting of notifications, useful.

  • An easy-to-use with an intuitive UI
  • Secure, rapid-deploy architecture
  • Support for centrally managed contact lists and templates
  • Support for automated escalation
  • Streamlined administration
  • Real-time feedback monitoring and audit trails


The SMTP API utilises an automated rules engine to direct and divert email traffic to the Whispir platform.

This is done by automatically parsing out the subject and body of the email message and execute rules e.g. if SUBJECT = Incident Notification, then notify the ‘Incident Ops Team’.

The SMTP API provides abundant value by replacing an out-dated ‘one-line’ text notification into a rich message incorporating interactive options such as maps, videos, images, re-scheduling capabilities, surveys, feedback forms, and more.


The Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) protocol is an open industry standard messaging protocol designed to simplify integration of data applications with wireless networks

The Whispir SMPP API offers an SMPP server connection with the Whispir gateway using our standard authentication system and error codes. The API is SMPP 3.4 compliant including concatenation, Unicode, and concatenated Unicode. Other versions of SMPP can be supported on request.

Whispir’s SMPP API provides a direct connection to Whispir’s gateways (also known as binds) enabling you to send high-volume SMS messages in a short period of time. With a SMPP connection, you’re continually connected to the gateway, and the standard protocol requires no programming if you have SMPP client installed.

Whispir provides access to the SMPP API via two secure and supported methods:

  • Native SSL/TLS
  • TCP/IP with an Internet VPN connection (IPSEC)

This allows use of your existing internet connection in conjunction with the provided SSL/TLS or VPN configuration to securely connect into the SMS network.

Contact us to discover how the above APIs will enhance your communications & messaging solution.