Whispir improves V/Line's operational management & customer engagement with integrated communications

Victoria's rail and public transport organisation, V/Line, enhances the customer experience by notifying users of service disruptions via SMS, email, social media, & mobile apps.

The Challenge

V/Line wanted to improve its customer engagement by automating the delivery of service information for its train network, specifically related to any train delays and cancellations across all the lines running throughout the state.

The Solution

Whispir launched a cross-channel communications solution that facilitates rapid response to an event of service disruption.

Customers were offered a choice of receiving alerts regarding train scheduling delays and cancellations via SMS, email, in-app notifications via the V/Line MyLine App, RSS feeds, and social media across several Twitter accounts and facebook newsfeed. All messages are published simultaneously via the Whispir platform and coincide with text-to-speech broadcasts over commuter platforms.

A custom built consumer portal provides functionality displaying an interactive map with transport information, ticket outlets, promotional offers and events, as well as sending detailed internal staff messages regarding technical information for disruptions, network issues, human resourcing, etc.

The Outcome

Improved customer engagement
Relevant and timely notifications and messaging to customers via multiple channels increased commuter satisfaction.

Reduced customer service enquiries
Inbound enquiries were reduced due to targeted service information reaching the right customer at the right time via the right channel.

Improved operational communications
Situational awareness and business resilience is heightened with event, scheduling or emergency information automatically sent to appropriate stakeholders based on contexts such as time, location, role, etc.

The customer can control messages through SMS or email, but we also use Whispir to push out the information to our website via an RSS feed … we have five different Twitter accounts hooked up to Whispir depending on which train line the messages are for.
V/Line Spokesperson

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