Spark NZ uses Whispir to manage internal and external notifications, delivering personalised and relevant messages to management and customers.

Delivering deeper customer engagement and improved operational awareness, New Zealand's largest telecommunications provider, Spark New Zealand, harnesses Whispir for critical business notifications.

The Challenge

Spark NZ needed to resolve two key business issues. One was keeping thousands of wholesale customers up-to-date with service issue notifications. The second was ensuring relevant internal stakeholders stay informed about the status of Spark NZ's IT and network system.

The Solution

With such a large volume of service notifications regularly sent to wholesale customers, Spark NZ required Whispir to migrate from their existing point solution over to the Whispir Platform. Notifications range from minor network outage notifications to more serious issues that might affect thousands of customers.

The transition was executed quickly and efficiently with Spark NZ continuing to receive positive feedback about the detailed notifications sent via the Whispir platform. New communication templates & distribution lists were easily developed according to brand guidelines.

Spark NZ was initially in pursuit of a mass SMS solution but upon further investigation of the platform's capabilities, Spark NZ now utilise Whispir for tailored, cross-channel communications as part of its operational awareness, and to notify internal & external stakeholders of IT and network outages.

The platform was pivotal in communicating with stakeholders and customers during the 2011 Christchurch earthquake and the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

The earthquake severely affected communication channels in the city and Spark NZ relied on the Whispir Platform for situational awareness & internal communications with staff in the region during the crisis.

The Outcomes

Improved communications
Utilising the fully customisable messaging templates, high volume cross-channel communications are sent simultaneously to customers.

Reduced manual administration
Enriched contact data and efficient information workflow is attained by enabling people to login and update their preferences & choose what information they receive and how.

Increased business resilience
Reliable crisis communications ensure that right information gets to the right people, at the right time. Whispir's modular design ensures that Spark NZ can adapt the technology to suit their usability and business needs, continually optimising communication processes.

Unmatched capacity for rapid response
During the 2011 Rugby World Cup, Spark NZ was able to utilise Whispir to communicate to all of their executives both pre-game, half-time and post-game on the performance of network elements including mobile performance, broadband and the status of the IT network.

I've discovered more and more of what Whispir can actually do from a communications perspective for our business. In the event management space and network and IT, we now utilise Whispir as our backbone communication tool.
Phil Unsworth, Customer Situation Manager, Spark NZ

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